Summary of Qualifications

Personnel – Delta Land Surveyors P.C.

  • Richard “Doug” Ross (40 Years Experience): P.L.S., Owner, Party Cheif, Field Tech, & Office Tech

Richard D. Ross PLS

Land Surveyor in Canada, California and Washington.
Qualifications are as follows:
BA Economics- Simon Fraser University- Burnaby, British Columbia
Open Learning Institute-Richmond, British Columbia—Construction Estimating
Career Summary/Experience:
Dept of Energy Mines and Resources – Topographical Survey Branch                          1969
– Re-survey of primary control-British Columbia
Ministry of Highways – Location  Branch                                                                1969-1972
Department of Transportation – Federal Govermnent of Canada                          1972-1974
– Airport Surveying – including glide path analysis, soils testing
– Runway improvements and construction
British Columbia Hydro                                                                                           1974-1980
– Hydroelectric Construction Projects
Mica Dam-Revelstoke B.C._Construction of Underground Powerhouse
Peace-Canyon Dam- Hudsons Hope, BC-Concrete Dam- Start to Finish
(Guy F. Atkinson Co/Commonwealth Construction)
Other Projects
Duke Point Harbor Construction, Vancouver Island                                                        1981
Tumbler Ridge Coal Project                                                                                   1981-1985
– Layout of Infrastructure
– New Town Construction
– Coal Mine – Plant & Equipment
California                                                                                                               1985-1992
Residential- Large scale plats
Commercial- Office parks
Activities- pre aerial flight ground control
               -primary site survey control
               -project management
               -land surveying-all phases
Washington- (Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville)                               1992-2001
Seattle Rapid Transit
Industrial – Boeing Company
– Plant  and equipment
– Environmental monitoring
– Property acquisition
– Mapping
– Lot surveys
– Boundary line adjustments
– Mapping
– ALTA certifications
Delta Land Surveyors                                                                                     2001-Present
Land Surveying – Western Washington (Bellingham to Olympia)