Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How are my property Corners Marked? I saw a post, pipe, or a re-bar sticking out of the ground: is that my property corner?

Answer: Your property corners could be marked with any number of iron pipes and metal posts. Most modern surveyors will mark your property corners with a rebar and a plastic identification cap, typically set at ground level, displaying a license number, the surveyor’s name, and company name. The re-bar is often accompanied with a wood or plastic post sticking out of the ground to indicate its presence.The witness posts, as they are either 2″ X 2″ wood or 1″ x 3″ plastic

Question: What kind of equipment does you company use to perform surveys?
Answer:  Our Equipment includes but is not limited to: Sokia Total Stations, Leica Robotic Total Stations, Leica 1200 G.P.S Receivers, Leica Differential Levels, T.D.S Data Collection Software, Autocad Graphics Interfaces, & Carlson Data Collection Software. We are constantly updating out software & the equipment we use to get the most accurate and reliable result for our clientele.

Question: How long has Delta Land Surveyors been in business?
Answer: Delta Land Surveyors PC has been in business for 10 years and was founded by Doug Ross in 2002. It currently consists of Doug (40 year experience) as the sole owner and operator of the business. We have had the pleasure of serving homeowners, contractors, developers, architects, Washington State Agencies, School Districts, Utility Districts, & many other integral and valuable clientele over the last 10 years.

Question: How long till you can survey my property? Can you start right away and then how long till you are finished after you start the survey?
Answer: It typically takes a couple of days research a survey and obtain the appropriate documents. The actual field survey can take from one to three days depending upon the type of survey and the terrain. Following the field survey maps and documents are produced. The time taken over all varies considerably.

If you have any other land surveying questions or other concerns please contact us and we will address any queries you might have.